Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to all

I know it's the day after but I hope everyone had a totally blessed Christmas. I know I sure did. Seeing all the smiles on the girls faces as they opened they're favorite gifts. Then to hear the magic words for me...."Mom, you need to make my doll a blanket for her bed!" Now, no, I typically do not need a reason to go and sew, but it just seems to make it so much more enjoyable when your creating something special for someone. I hope the quilt for her American Girl doll makes her smile as much as the doll itself did!

Well, it looks like we may be off to my favorite store...Joann Fabrics! Someone so lovingly gave me a gift card and they have some awesome specials going on right now! Check them out online or even better stop by your nearby store and have your own After Christmas shopping spree!



The Red Couch Affairs said...

Nothing says "love" better than a homemade quilt. I made quilts for all my children (4). My youngest son still takes his quilt with him where ever he goes. If he is sick he wants his quilt. Funny thing is... hes grown and in the Army. LOL! I will ship it to him where ever he is stationed. I told him when he was little as he watched me sew it up for him, that each stitch represented my love for him. The swatches was the warmth of my hugs & kisses. The little blue teddy bearin the middle of is quilt was his friend when ever he need a friend and I couldnt be there. The quilt was to remind him that "I" love him so very VERY much. He doesnt even mind when his friends tease him about it. He tells them the story & soon the rest of the guys are getting special quilts of love. Our soldiers need (love)quilts...hint! Maybe, if you want, you might want to keep that in mind, for those who cant/shouldnt sew but would love to send a token of love. Even in the dessert a quilt is important, maybe not for warmth but because its from home and can be held at any time. GOOD LUCK! Have fun! and Lots of LOVE!

Jen said...

Glad to hear there were lot's of smiles :O) You're a Fab Mom!

Divamom said...

Hope you had a great holiday! I love going in JoAnn Fabrics too and just gazing at everything there! My mom was a seamstress, so Cloth World, JoAnn Fabrics, & Hancock Fabrics were like home away from home! lol I love your quilts! Be Blessed!

TamsJewelry said...

Beautiful work! Happy Friday Follow.Come say hello

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